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June 5, 2021

In the spring of 2021, I celebrated publication of Flowers in Winter by holding a special launch party. It was an amazing experience to share with my friends. I explained what my book was about, read some excerpts, and had two of my friends share what helped them from my book. Twenty-five ladies came to celebrate with me! It was truly a highlight of publishing my book!

June 9, 2018

Last summer I celebrated publication of The Two of Us by holding a special launch party for friends and invited guests. The launch party was an amazing success!  I did some readings from the book and had some reflection time to talk about my writing. Tables were set up with copies of my book, as well as posters, bookmarks and note cards. It was a great turnout...50 people! A lot of books were sold and several guests signed up to host book signings. It was an amazing, fun day!

2018-2019 Workshops & Retreats

I started holding workshops and retreats for church's and groups to help women experience a deeper relationship with Jesus. Some of the places they were held were Willow South Lake Church, CrossPoint Church in Fox Lake, The Art Studio in Fox Lake, and at my home for an advent retreat. Spiritual practices and art related activities helped the women connect with God and themselves.

2018-2021 Vendor Shows & Book Signings

Throughout 2018-2021, I enjoyed many vendor shows and book signings for The Two of Us. I loved the energy of the vendor shows being around others who were selling things they had created. I did a fair amount of traveling to different shows selling my books. The experiences were life-giving. I also had a few book signings throughout those 4 years, including a local used bookstore and a Christian gift shop. I will always remember these wonderful experiences!

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