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Please Note !

Shelly's past workshops and retreats have been quite successful in providing attendees with an opportunity to join other women in spending a day of quiet reflection with God and community.  Currently, however, she is hard at work writing her second book and has had to postpone any special events until later this year.   Workshops and retreats will resume soon after book publication. 



Our 2019 Fall Retreat was very peaceful at the Spring Bird Cottage in West Dundee. Worship, sharing with other women, extended personal quiet time, lunch and some spiritual practices filled our lovely day.


The "New Beginnings" Women's Retreat, at

Willow Creek South Lake campus,  

conducted in May, was a great success.

Women connected with one another, as well as

spent time in worship, journaling

and new spiritual practices. 



Hire Me For Your Retreat

Your retreat can be customized based on your needs or format

Sample Workshop/Retreat/Experience Format:

- Worship

- Teaching

- Guided spiritual practices such as art, journaling, meditating on Scripture

- Space for personal quiet time with God

- Group sharing

- Make a vision board

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